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photograph of marilyn spence with her paintings
photograph courtesy of Scarborough Evening News

Some of the architecture alone is beautiful and very old and then there is the historic castle perched on the cliff edge. Scarborough is truly a beautiful place to live and to work.

I have had artwork sold in Holland, France, Belgium, Scandinavia as well as in the UK, via an agent in the past. These included floral designs for greetings cards and scenes of children playing for postcards. These paintings can be seen in my online gallery.

I have had a passion for painting from an early age which led me to art college after school. Being a difficult profession to get into and to do well in I found myself falling into other areas of employment such as office work for a number of years. Marriage and three children came along and for many years painting took a side step. Then when the children grew up the passion to paint again resurfaced and opportunities arose. I returned to art college again to complete a refresher course as a mature student. My dream to succeed as an artist had truly returned and with the support from my family I began to look for inspiration. Experimenting with different styles of painting I discovered that I felt right at home adopting a popart style. Bold, bright colours, simplified and less fussy in detail.

My family and I were all born and raised in Scarborough where we all remain today. It is impossible to be stuck for inspiration for a painting living at the seaside. The sea and sky can look so different throughout the day and seasons.

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